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Turbo Decoder HU100RV2 for BMW F Series Package Including: 1pc x Turbo Decoder HU100RV2 for BMW F Series ..

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Turbo Decoder HU100V2 Package Including: 1pc x Turbo Decoder HU100V2 ..

Buy it now: $349.00

Turbo decoder HU64 for Mercedes-benz DECODER PICK Tool Top 3 reasons to get Turbo decoder HU64 1.Fast and easy to open door or trunk for HU64, also give the lock code,and the users can cut working mechanical key in mater of minutes. 2.Turbo decoder HU64 working on ALL Mercedes Benz cars, trucks, Vans where HU64 key profile by Silca is use. 3.Turbo decoder HU64 Opens many models of the MERSEDES BENZ, also SPRINTER, various DODGE, CHRYSLER. TURBO DECODER ADVANCED is a professional tool for opening, closing and decoding modern vehicle track locks. Please kindly note: The Turbo Decoder is a high-precision tool which is capable of opening vehicle locks without any force. Use of brute-force does not unlock but destroys the tool. HU64 decoder is the technical short name given to the key profile from SILCA. This term is understood internationally by all specialists and experts. The setup tool resets the Turbo Decoder's pins to the initial starting position. A "reset" is required for each and every new opening. On YouTube, extensive video material is available on how to open a car lock with a Turbo Decoder. However, this does not fundamentally replace the required fine motor skills under expert guidance. HU64 Turbo decoder is ready and tested on: MERCEDES: CL 1995 To 1999 CLK, 2002 Onwards C Class 1999 Onwards E Class, 1997 Onwards M Class S Class 1995 Onwards SL Class 1995 Onwards SLK 1997 Onwards All Mercedes 2 Track Including Boots And Sunken Handles DODGE:Sprinter 2007 to 2011 CHRYSLER:Crossfire 2003 to 2008 VOLKSWAGEN:Crafter 2006 onwards In general the detailed instructions to the Turbo Decoder are sufficient to allow even the unexperienced user the car lock opening within very short time. ..

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Turbo Decoder HU66V3 For VAG Gen 2/6 Notice: This item is consumable part, no warranty for it. Package Including: 1pc x Turbo Decoder HU66V3 For VAG Gen 2/6 ..

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Turbo Decoder HU83V2 Package Including: 1pc x Turbo Decoder HU83V2 ..

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Turbo Decoder HU92 V3 for BMW E/Mini Cooper Turbo Decoder HU92 is the tool for locksmith to clean and fast opening of the vehicle (original locks ONLY)- unlock/lock many times if necessary. As the opening procedure is complete, the locksmith can read/decode the lock code. If the read code is inserted in key cutting machine like condor xc-mini, a working key can be made. The tool can turn the ignition lock to be serviced – remove, replace or make working key – by the locksmith. HU92 works with the following models: 1/M1 E81 2007-2011 E82 2007-2013 E87 2004-2011 E88 2007-2014 3/M3 E46 2000-2004 E90 2005-2011 E92 2007-2012 E93 2007-2013 5/M5 E39 late models E60 2003-2010 6 E63 2003-2010 E64 2003-2010 7 E38 late models E65 2001-2008 E66 2001-2008 E67 2001-2008 E68 2001-2008 X1 E84 2009-2011 X5 E53 late models E70 2006-2013 X6 E71 2008-2014 Z3/M Z9 E36 late models E38 late models Z4/M Z4 E85 2003-2008 E89 2009-2011 Turbo Decoder HU92 V.3 for BMW E/Mini Cooper Package Including: 1pc x Turbo Decoder HU92 V3 ..

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Turbo Decoder SIP22 Package Including: 1pc x Turbo Decoder SIP22 ..

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Turbo Decoder HU92 for BMW Notice:This item includes the lubricating oil, but it can not be transported, so you need prepare lubricating oil yourself. Package Including: 1pc x Turbo Decoder HU92 ..

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