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OBD2 Cable and Connector


Mercedes Locks OBD Test Line 7 pcs for W209/W211/W906/W169/W208/W202/W210/W639 EZS Cable works with VVDI MB Tool Mercedes Locks OBD Test Line For: 1. w209 w211 2. w906 3. w169 4. w202 w208 w210 k 5. w220 w215 w280 k 6. w639-2009 7. w203 w639 k Package includes: 1set x Mercedes Locks OBD Test Line ..

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MOE Universal Cable for All ECU Connections This MOE universal cable has 2 CAN h 2 CAN L , 2 Kline, 2 ground, 2 power and 1 DC power and 1 free power. Different sizes of terminal. Package includes: 1pc x MOE Universal Cable ..

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BMW N20 N55 Engine DME Valvetronic Test Platform Harness Package List: 1pc x BMW N20 N55 Engine DME Valvetronic Test Platform Harness ..

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Mercedes Test Cable of EIS ELV Test Cables for Mercedes Works Together with VVDI MB BGA TOOL 7pcs/set Package List: 1pc x W202 W208 W210 K 1pc x W209 W211 1pc x W169 1pc x W220 W215 W230 K 1pc x W639-2009 1pc x W203 W639 K 1pc x W906 ..

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Main Test Cable For Autel MaxiSys MS906/MS908/MK906 Package including: 1pc x Main Test Cable For Autel MaxiSys MS906/MK906 ..

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OBD II Vehicle ECU Emergency Power Supply Cable Memory Saver(3Meter) Product Description and Operation: 1. Powered by any jump starter with a 12V outlet into an OBD II Memory Saver. 2. Interface connector between a 12V DC power source and vehicle's OBD II port. 3. Preserves vehicle codes and electronic presets. This device can work with any 12V DC power source, including jump starter, DC 12V Lead-acid battery, or another car’s DC 12V power outlet. As our device with 3 meter cable, it will be a convenient way, should you not have jump starter (or Lead-acid battery) on hand, and the device can also get the 12v power supply from cigarette lighter of another good car. Just insert the Cigarette lighter plug to this car and insert into 16 pin plug to the OBD port of the car you want to replace battery. And now you can replace the battery. Warning: 1. When working with the vehicle’s battery, review all the battery manufacturer’s and vehicle manufacturer’s safety instructions, warnings and directives regarding battery disconnection, removal and replacement. 2. The vehicle’s electrical system is receiving power from memory saver through the OBD connection. Therefore, the vehicle’s battery connectors are electrically live and should be covered with an insulator to prevent the connectors from touching metal or each other and causing a short circuit. After each use, disconnect the memory saver and use a dry cloth to wipe all dirt or oil from the connectors and the cable. 3. During battery replacement, DO NOT turn on (ignition) the car, which its old battery is disconnected and new battery not yet finished replacement. As well, DO NOT turn the key on “ACC ON”. If not, the fuse of the memory saver probably burn out, due to high amp and overload. 4. Security attach the OBD II connector of memory saver into your car OBD II port to get a good contact; if not, during battery replacement. the bad contact between the OBDII connector and your car, may cause missing power supply on your car ECU (Electronic Control Unit, or called auto computer). Troubleshooting: 1. The 12V DC plug of memory saver should be correctly connected 12V power source, if not, the red led light on the plug will not light up; that means no power signal from the power source or with incorrect polarity connection. If the power source from another car, then check whether the car’s Cigarette Lighter on good condition or not. If the power source from a jump starter, then verify if the cause is from the contact. If the power source is from an alternative 12V Lead-acid battery, then check whether the polarity correct or not. 2.The memory saver 12V DC plug contains an 8 amp fuel. Should a problem arise with the memory saver, check the fuse or contact your direct seller/distributor for assistance. Package Including: 1pc x OBD II Automotive Computer Memory Saver(3m) ..

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XHORSE DIP8 Programing Clip & Cable Package includes: 1pc x XHORSE DIP8 Programing Clip & Cable ..

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XHORSE SOP8 Programing Clip & Cable Package includes: 1pc x XHORSE SOP8 Programing Clip & Cable ..

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Alpine KCE-422i iPod/iPhone Cable 5V Features: Charges the connected iPod or iPhone Alpine cable allows you to hook up your iPod directly to your 2006-up Alpine radio Sends song, artist, album, and time information to your Alpine stereo's display Search by playlist, genre, artist, album, and song Fast data transmission provides quick and easy file navigation Package List: 1pc x Alpine KCE-422i iPod/iPhone Cable 5V ..

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FEM Platforms Suitable for N20 N55 and V90 Package includes: 1pc x FEM Platforms Suitable for N20 N55 and V90 ..

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High Quality MB 38Pin to OBD2 Adaptor for BENZ with Golden Color PIN Needles Package Including: 1pc x BENZ 38 Pin cable ..

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Universal OBD2 16 Pin Female Connector Pakcage list: 1x OBD2 16 pin connector FAQ: Q:Why need this item? A:Lots of cars do not have 16 pin connector,such as some old cars. But now lots of diagnose tool is 16 pin connector,so need to convert. Q:Does this product come with software? A:It is just a small connector,do not have any software. ..

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Main Test Cable for All MVP Package Including: 1pc x Main Test Cable for All MVP ..

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S.1279 Module of PP2000 Lexia-3 Citroen Peugeot( Nemo,Bipper,Boxer III,Jumper III) Instructions to use: Peugeout Bipper Peugeout Boxer III Peugeout Boxer III minibus Citroen Nemo Citroen Jumper III Citroen Jumper III minibus Package List: 1pc * S.1279 Module Obd2 male -Obd2 Female ..

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ST60 W211 and W203 Cluster Diagnostic Cable for Digiprog III Package List: 1pc* ST60 Cable for Digiprog III   ..

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